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I Tell My Patients...
Success vs Failure
If you’re like most of my patients, you find this astounding failure rate both surprising and relieving—surprised that such a fraud is being perpetrated on dieters and relieved that you’re not the only one that has failed in your dieting efforts!

Every doctor/patient consult I have about weight loss starts out exposing the alarming facts about dieting. I want my patients to understand the futility of dieting and the damage it can do to their body!

So, before I tell you about the AAA approach I’ve found to near effortless weight loss that stays lost, I must tell you what I tell my patients about the perils of dieting...

The cold hard fact about dieting (beyond the fact that it is bad for you) is that it is hard - very hard - and produces temporary results at best!

Yet the 30 billion dollar diet industry works overtime trying to convince the 40% of Americans that are overweight that dieting works and is not that hard!

The FDA is on record as saying that not one single company in the entire diet industry can show a long-term record of success! What a damning indictment on the diet industry!
The diet industry’s marketing plan is based on fear, bias, and stereotypes:
CheckOverweight people are portrayed as unattractive;
CheckThin people are shown to be healthy and successful;
CheckOverweight people are taught to feel guilty and blame themselves;
CheckThin is shown as a virtue!
This type of negative message is having a devastating impact on millions of overweight people. The message lowers self esteem and creates self doubt and even self hatred!

The dieting industry is hiding the truth and replacing it with false hope!

They take a few special cases of success with dramatic results and use those as bait to lure in the millions “dying” to look like them while all the time hiding the real truth!

As a doctor, I’ve seen the research that shows 95% of those that lose weight using a diet plan gain it back within three years! And, believe it or not, beyond three years the statistics are even worse—ultimately 98% to 99% fail!

That means virtually NO DIETERS LOSE WEIGHT AND KEEP IT OFF! That’s a harsh reality the diet industry works very hard to mask!!

The dieting industry is very good at keeping the truth hidden as evidenced by the fact that most dieters are oblivious to the diet industry’s unbelievable failure rate!

Brainwashing is a scary thing!

And that’s exactly what all of the diet ads and commercials are—brainwashing!
Dieting Lies
Take it from a doctor -- many health problems traditionally said to be caused by "obesity," such as high blood pressure, heart problems, high cholesterol, and gallbladder problems, are often caused by the dieting process itself!

Recent studies indicate that "yo-yo" dieting may actually reduce YOUR life span!

There are very few controls or regulations to inform and protect the dieting consumer and the few regulations that do exist are rarely enforced!

In dieting ads and commercials "success" is only vaguely defined using short-term results!
AND, As a Doctor the Thing That Disturbs Me the Most is That Health Risks Like These are NEVER Disclosed...
CheckDieting can cause tissue loss!
CheckDieting can cause heart disease!
CheckDieting can cause muscle loss!
CheckDieting can make you weak!
CheckDieting can cause cancer!
CheckDieting can change your body chemistry!
CheckDieting can cause constipation!
CheckDieting can cause loss of important nutrients!
CheckDieting can zap your energy!
CheckDieting can cause diabetes!
CheckDieting mothers can cause irreversible health issues for their children!
Those Are Just a Few of the Health Issues Dieting Can Cause -- Believe It or Not, There’s more...
CheckDieting also makes your body believe it is starving so it starts to save fat!
CheckDieting will often make you moody!
CheckIf you smoke dieting will make you smoke more!
CheckDieting can ultimately lead to obesity!
CheckBinge eating often follows dieting!
CheckDieting makes you food obsessed!
CheckDieting emphasizes food as a reward!
CheckDieting does nothing to teach you to eat healthy!
CheckDieting can take years off your life!
CheckBreaking a diet often results in guilt, poor self esteem and despair followed by comfort eating!
In Short – Dieting is a Recipe for Disaster!
Its here I’ll ask you the same thing I ask my patients... “Do you really want to diet—or do you want to lose weight in a way that’s good for you?”
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My New Book Contains “The AAA Secret” to Near Effortless Weight Loss that Stays Lost Without Dieting!
Ditch Dieting Forever
The Title Says It All!
My Book Reveals A Time-Tested Way to Ditch Dieting and
Get Better Weight Loss Results in 30 Days or Less!
Ditch Dieting Forever reveals my AAA Secret to losing weight in painless ways that really work!

...With no damaging side affects—just a healthier life and weight loss that stays lost!

My “AAA Secret” is a Result of “Innovative Serendipity”!

The list is long of products and processes firmly imbedded in our culture that were discovered purely by accident—what I call a result of “Innovative Serendipity”.

Some of the “accidents” that surprised me were: potato chips, fireworks, Post-it Notes, the microwave oven, Corn Flakes, the Slinky, Silly Putty, Play-Doh, Viagra, Penicillin, X-Rays, Artificial Sweeteners, and Brandy!

I guess it can be said that some of the best solutions in life come about by accident—or serendipitously!

My “AAA” weight loss approach was a result of “innovative serendipity” too!

I never set out to develop a weight loss program! My entire career has been devoted to helping people add years to their life and life to their years—in other words, fighting the aging process to look younger longer!

I’ve spent the last several decades studying the aging process and researching ways to slow and sometimes even reverse the effects of aging!

Over the years as I coached thousands on how to look younger longer I noticed an unexpected pattern emerge – everyone that followed my advice for slowing the aging process dropped their excess weight and kept it off!

What made it really extraordinary was that when these same people tried to lose weight dieting, they failed—many of them time after time! But, when they changed their focus to fighting aging the weight dropped off automatically — and stayed off!

It turns out my years of researching and developing a plan to fight off the affects of aging accidentally (serendipitously) resulted in developing a weight loss program that isn’t a weight loss program at all! It just works better than one!

I call it my “Triple A” approach...
ALTERNATIVE for Weight Loss!
I'll ask you what I ask my patients...Which weight loss path would you rather pursue?
  • One that has a long list of potentially damaging side effects (Dieting);
  • Or, one that helps you live longer, look younger longer, and gets the weight off for good (My AAA Approach)?
Even if weight loss is your primary motivation, my AAA approach will still work better for you than any diet!

...And, if you think you’re too young to worry about the effects of aging let me share something with you...

I get asked all of the time, “When should I start fighting aging?”

My answer is always “At birth!” People usually laugh at that answer until they think about it and realize its true!

It’s a fact -- We all start dying the day we’re born!

Our only option to living longer is to start living our life wisely as soon as we can.

...And, by the way, being THINNER is a pleasant by-product of living wisely!

So even if weight loss is your only motivation, my AAA approach will help you drop the weight and keep it off in what will seem like effortless efforts compared to your dieting pangs and struggles of the past!

AND... Instead of exposing you to the dangerous side affects like dieting my AAA approach will keep you healthy and looking younger longer—something you’re sure to appreciate sooner than you think!

My AAA approach is not hard – it just requires making smarter choices!

"When I tried to lose weight I couldn’t. When I started following Dr. Barber’s advice it was gone before I knew it!"
-Melissa T. Pittsburgh, PA

"I never would have thought pushing back on aging could have so many benefits!"
-Ryan H. New Castle, PA

It all starts with small lifestyle changes that require less effort than a diet!

When I advise people on ways to improve their lifestyle many say, “That’s easy—why didn’t I think of that?”

I tell my patients, and I’ll tell you, my AAA approach is not about “pain and suffering” like dieting! It’s about knowing your options and making wise choices and actually thinking your way through life instead of just going through your days like a ball in a pinball machine!

Consciously making even small lifestyle changes can make a BIG difference!

How hard are these?
  • If you’re going to go shopping at the mall, why not walk brisker?
  • If you’re going to breathe, why not occasionally breath deeper?
  • If you’re going to relax, why not really relax?
  • If you’re going to drink, why not drink something healthy?
  • If you’re going to walk upstairs, why not walk up and down twice?
  • If you’re going to watch TV, why not do some leg lifts every now and then?
  • If you’re going to snack, why not snack on something healthy?
  • If you’re sitting in a chair, why not get up and down several times in a row?
Simple changes like these in your everyday activities (your lifestyle) can add up to BIG changes in your life! They’re not hard and they require just a little extra effort throughout your day! Nearly every secret to a longer (thinner) life I share in the book is this easy!

I’m sure you’re probably thinking, “That’s great, but “What about eating?”

I Tell My Patients, "Don't Starve – Eat Well!!"

I advocate eating, not starving--but I also advocate eating well! As I explain to my patients, eating “well” is really not hard to do. It primarily just requires grocery shopping wisely!

Here are a few tips...

If you’re going to grocery shop why not shop a little wiser?
First, NEVER go grocery shopping hungry!
Second, ignore the fancy displays in the aisles!
Third, stay away from boxes whenever possible!

There’s plenty of food in the grocery store that’s good for you, but it’s usually not the stuff stacked in the aisles calling out to you as you roll your cart by!

And if you or anyone in your family is a “Snacker”, plan snack options wisely and watch the weight gain stop and the weight loss start!

Ditch Dieting Forever explains how to make easy lifestyle changes like these to make a big improvement in your health. And by now you are probably starting to understand that a by-product of good health is weight loss if you’re overweight!

So you can choose to diet and damage your body or you can choose to change your focus using my AAA approach and...
CheckPromote Weight Loss!
CheckPromote Good Health!
CheckAdd Years to Your Life!
CheckAdd Life to Your Years!
"What can I say about Dr. Barber other than his advice is golden! My family and friends tell me I’ve never looked better!"
-Holly G. Los Angeles, CA

"I’ve followed Dr. Barber’s advice for years! Its good advice and always spot-on!"
-Scott S. Salt Lake City, UT

If you follow my AAA advice you’ll lose weight and...
CheckGain Energy!
CheckLook Younger Longer!
CheckExtend Your Life Span!
CheckBe Healthier!
CheckBe Happier!
CheckBe More Fit!
CheckLighten Up! (And I’m not referring to weight loss here! :)
"I used to hate to walk past a mirror! Now I find myself standing and staring in disbelief! I wish I would have had Dr. Barber advising me years ago!"
-Patricia F. B. Knoxville, TN

You’ll find, as I did that funny thing happens when you change your focus from weight loss to living healthier—you’ll lose your excess weight!

You’ll be excited to find that as you apply the AAA principles a by-product is almost effortless weight loss!

You’ll learn that weight gain or loss is tied in many respects to things you do everyday that have nothing to do with eating!

IMAGINE! The days of subjecting yourself and your body to futile attempts of dieting are over! Follow my advice and you will be able to attain your perfect weight, you’ll feel better, and probably live much longer!

The AAA approach I layout in Ditch Dieting Forever...
  • Doesn’t require the struggle dieting does!
  • Doesn’t require the discipline dieting does!
  • Doesn’t create the discomfort dieting does!
  • Doesn’t create the disappointment dieting does!
  • Doesn’t harm your body and health the way dieting does!
This is a time-tested approach that is easy to follow and delivers with ease what dieting can’t—long-term weight loss, improved health, and a longer, happier life!
It’s Time to DITCH THE DIET -- And Let Me Help YOU!
I want to help you achieve an overall state of well-being—and that includes being the weight you should be! And, to do that I’ve made a choice...

Unlike my first book, I’ve decided NOT to sell this book through bookstores so that I can be more involved in your progress and success! Selling my book through book stores all but eliminates any additional help or advice I can offer beyond the information in the book itself.

I’ve chosen this route for Ditch Dieting Forever so I can give you some valuable FREE bonuses (some of which include my personal coaching and guidance) that will help you achieve your goals faster and most importantly, sustain them indefinitely!

"Dr. Barber’s advice has been so successful people that did know me back when don’t believe the old me was really me!"
-Beth A. Richmond, VA
I want to help YOU personally as much as possible!
...So to that end I’ve created:
Check“The AAA Secret” Audio Series;
Check“The AAA Secret” Newsletter!
DrBarberLive.com lets you communicate with me and me with You!

As a FREE Access Member, you’ll be able to email your questions to me and have yours, along with others, answered weekly on DrBarberLive.com! I’ve set up DrBarberLive.com to be as close to a personal coaching program as possible!

Plus, I’ll have regular guests on DrBarberLife.com to talk about all sorts of topics relating to your health, your weight, and your life! You’ll get a lot of enjoyment and valuable information listening to some of the extremely smart people I know!

And the good news is all audio and video segments on DrBarberLive.com are archived for easy access anytime you have time! Give it a try—you’ll love it!

“The AAA Secret” Audio Series helps You get more out my book!

It’s great to read something but it’s even better to read it and then have the important parts explained to you by the author—or in this case the author and the doctor!

I’ve created this audio series so you can get the most out of my book, and I’m giving it to you FREE with your book purchase! You can download the entire series onto your computer to listen to at home, download it to your MP3 player to listen to on the move, or burn it to a CD to listen as you drive!

I want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the information you need to live healthier, lose the weight you desire, and live longer! This audio series will help you do just that!

“The AAA Secret” Newsletter provides You FREE UPDATES!

We live in an age where new life-changing information in the medical and longevity fields is revealed rapid fire! It makes it impossible for any book to offer the latest knowledge on any medically related subject. That’s why I have a weekly newsletter for my patients and members! I want to keep you updated on the good news and the bad news so you are armed with the information you need to live a long healthy life!

As you can see – I’m very serious about your success! So much so that I’ve packed this offer full of bonuses...
LOOK... Here is your first FREE gift!
Doctor Barber Live
Access To DrBarberLive.com!
You Get FREE Access to DrBarberLive.com so You can Learn from Dr. Barber and His Guests. PLUS! You can Email Your Questions to Dr. Barber and get them answered on DrBarberLive.com!
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AAA Secret Audio
“The AAA Secret” Audio Series!
You Get a FREE Audio Series made exclusively to accompany this amazing book - Ditch Dieting Forever! In this Special Audio Series Dr. Barber Expands on the topics in the book AND reveals New Secrets uncovered since its publishing!
LOOK... Here is your third FREE gift!
AAA Newsletter
“The AAA Secret” Newsletter!
You Get FREE Updates to Ditch Dieting Forever with “The AAA Secret” Newsletter! Every Newsletter is Fun to Read and packed with Healthy Tips and other Life Changing Information!
LOOK... Here is your fourth FREE gift!
Dieting vs Anti-Aging
Dieting vs. Anti-Aging – Which really drops weight?
In this no “BS” video, I talk with you as if you were sitting in my office for a doctor/patient consult on your weight loss options—anti-aging process verses dieting. You’ll get my straightforward thoughts, cautions, and recommendations just like my paying patients do; but you’re getting the consult as a FREE LIMITED TIME BONUS!

I have patients come to me from all over the country to get the advice you’ll be getting in this video! They invest travel time, travel dollars, and my fee to hear what I share with you FREE on this video! For that reason, this video will be offered for a LIMITED TIME ONLY and could be withdrawn at any time. So act now! This video is worth many times the price of the book!
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Cosmetic Surgery
Cosmetic Surgery “Touch-ups” – Are they for you?
This is another video where I talk with you as if you were sitting in my office for a doctor/patient consult on your cosmetic surgery options. I find that after many of my patients discover that they can successfully fight off much of the aging process and lose the weight they want to lose they decide they’d also like to get a few cosmetic “touch ups” done to improve their looks and self esteem even more!

In this consult, I lay out all of the options for my patients explaining the procedures, the pros, the cons, and the results. To my knowledge, this is the first time this type of consult has been made available without an office visit! With this video in your possession, you can weigh the options in the privacy of your own home!

So if you’ve ever considered cosmetic surgery but didn’t have the money or the nerve to seek out a doctor to learn more, this video is perfect for you! Or, if you’ve never considered it, maybe after sitting through this video consult you will! Either way, this video alone is such a tremendous value it makes the book purchase a “no-brainer”!
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How to Eat Well
How to Eat Well and Gain Years, Not Inches!
This NEW video delivers liberating weight loss facts the diet industry doesn’t want you to know!

The thing that makes dieting so hard and damaging to your body is the strict diet requirements used to dramatically restrict your food intake. Even the weight loss programs you see advertised on TV offering prepared portion controlled meals severely limit your food intake! With virtually all diets, the answer to weight loss is curtailing what you eat which causes hunger pangs that start the day you start your diet and don’t stop until the day you break your diet!

Losing weight is not about curtailing what you eat but controlling it! If you follow my AAA approach, you never have to experience a hunger pang again because you can eat as often as you want! In this important video I’ll explain to you how you can eat well—including snacks—and gain valuable years to your life not unwanted inches to your waist! Watch this video and you’ll see what the diet industry has been hiding and why I think this is some of the most valuable weight controlling information you’ll ever get!
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Get rid of the FAT
Getting Rid of the Fat Weight Loss Can’t!
This is yet another video where I talk with you as if you were sitting in my office for a doctor/patient consult. Nearly everyone has some fat on certain areas of their body that just won’t go away regardless of how much weight they lose. If you’re one of those people, you know exactly where I’m talking about—the tummy pouch that makes you self conscious, or the extra weight on your hips that make tight-fitting jeans unflattering, or the thick thighs that make tight-fitting jeans all but impossible to wear! There are ways to get rid of the unwanted fat that won’t leave through normal weight loss, and I go over all of them in detail for you in this special video just as I do for patients paying for a consult.

If you’re dealing with fat that won’t go away, you need to see this video!
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Laugh Your Way
Laugh Your Way to a Longer, Healthier Life!
Few people understand how much laughing affects their health and even their weight! The American College of Cardiology found in a recent study that laughing boosts your blood flow 20%--a similar effect to that of aerobic activity! Studies have also shown that laughing can also help reduce stress, and that’s important because stress decreases blood flow by about 35%, making you prime for weight gain!

I explain in Ditch Dieting Forever how weight loss and weight gain is affected by so many things that have absolutely nothing to do with eating; and laughing is one of them!

In this revealing video, I explain in detail how laughing can add years to your life and help you melt away pounds!
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Small Changes
Small Changes That Produce Big Weight Loss Benefits!
This video is jam packed with powerful little secrets YOU can use to make a huge difference in your health and your weight! In this video, I present you with a classic example of the old saying, “Knowledge is power”. If you act on the knowledge I’ve accumulated over my career as a doctor helping people live longer, healthier lives, you’ll have the power you need to do just that AND finally drop the weight you’ve been trying to shed and keep it off for good!

A long career coupled with an observant eye has enabled me to see what most people miss and understand what most people don’t! With this intriguing video, you, too, will understand what most people don’t! In life, that’s the difference between success and failure!
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Net Gain
NET GAIN! Internet Tools That Can Help You Live Longer!
We live in an amazing age, one that reduces complex technology down to simple-to-use forms never dreamt of in decades past! You now have access to technology that can help you live healthier, longer, and, yes, even thinner!

Because of the Internet and some pretty creative minds, everyone now has access to analytic tools only doctors had possessed in the past—tools that creative minds have simplified to the point that even “technology deprived” laymen can now use to monitor their health and plan and monitor their diet (meals).

This Special Report reveals for the first time some exciting NEW tools just released that are more advanced and easier to use than any on the Net! The Report also illustrates exactly how they work and how they can be used to improve your health, including helping you lose the weight you desire for good!
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Mystery Bonus
Value: Extremely Rare Opportunity

This Bonus Alone is Certified to Be Worth MUCH More Than The Price of the Book!
Now That You Know the Facts and See the Fantastic FREE BONUSES You Get When You Order You Have Two Weight Loss Choices...
1. Struggle dieting and risk creating health issues some of which could shorten your life!
2. Make easy lifestyle changes that promote weight loss, better health, and work to add years to your life!
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My doctor friends tell me I’m crazy for giving so much valuable information for such a ridiculously low price--$39.95!

I may be??

...But at this point in my career, it’s more about your success than mine!

I look at this as an opportunity to “give back” by doing my part to right a situation that is definitely wrong! This is a way for me to share the knowledge I’ve gained over my career with many more people than I could possibly ever see in my office.

The more people I can warn about the dangers of dieting and convert to a weight loss approach that actually works and is healthy, the happier I’ll be!

I won’t reveal the fees I charge for my doctor/patient consults because it wouldn’t be fair to the thousands of patients that have paid them. But I will say that my time is not cheap, and most of what I share in those consults is in the book.

...And very few of my patients have ever gotten all of the advice I offer in the book and the FREE BONUSES!

This is a very limited time offer. I plan on raising the price and decreasing the bonus offers in the near future. I agree with my doctor friends that even if the book price was doubled and the bonus offers cut in half, the value would still be tremendously lopsided for the meager price!

So grab you copy NOW for just $39.95 while you have the chance!

This is really where my doctor friends think I’ve gone off the deep end! Because in addition to the ridiculously low price and the over abundance of FREE information the bonus offers provide, I’m giving you a 60-day risk free, no questions asked, money-back guarantee!

That’s how confident I am you’ll experience the same success my patients have!

"I only wish I’d have known about Dr. Barber sooner! He’s changed my looks and my life! Thanks Dr. Barber!"
-Nicole B. San Francisco, CA
60 Day Moneyback
I know getting started is always the hardest part! I even devote a section of the book to the importance of “seizing the day”—or the opportunities at hand.

I’ve taken all of the risk out of this offer with my 100% money-back guarantee and packed it full of bonuses—all of which you’ll have access to immediately!

I hope you understand that I’m not offering a book with some bonuses here—I’m offering you a way to get off of the diet roller coaster and onto a path to safe weight loss that stays lost!

The book and the bonuses are my “map” for you. Follow the “map”; and in 30 days or less, you’ll love what you see in the mirror—including the big smile!

Here’s to adding life to your years and years to your life!
James Barber
James J. Barber, M.D.
P.S. I’ve written this book so you can enjoy life longer and have the body of your dreams! Unlike so many weight loss offers you see, I’m not offering a dangerous diet developed by amateurs. I’m offering a doctor-developed, doctor-approved, doctor-tested approach to anti-aging that delivers as a by-product sustainable weight loss. It’s that simple!

P.S.S. I just decided to add another bonus as I was writing this! I must admit it is partly for you and partly to drive my doctor friends crazy—something I started to do when I graduated from med school a year earlier than others in my class!

As I told you, they already think I’m giving you way too much! They think they’ve convinced me to cut back. So in order for me to have some fun with them you’re going to benefit even more! I’m going to give you yet another FREE BONUSE — a MYSTERY BONUS! It just came to me what to offer and, take my word for it—you’ll love it! But you need to act fast because I don’t know how long I’ll offer the Mystery Bonus.
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